Robotic Process Automation can be applied to many of the processes within the Healthcare domain, ranging from the patient registration processes to the patient data migration, patient data processing, reporting for doctors, medical bill processing, insurance data automation and claim processing, triggering emails from medical billing systems, claim status and eligibility automation, and patient record storage.
This list does not stop here, once the Robotic Process Automation software robots are applied to do these tasks – down the future lane, the processes that are closely related to these would also be required to be automated thereby saving a lot of time. One of the best examples is the time taken earlier to share the reports for any of the medical examinations an individual goes through. That has decreased drastically by the latest processes being and if Robotic Process Automation is given a chance in this domain, then it can create miracles in the whole turnaround times.

  • Speed Up

    Healthcare institutions have to monitor, calculate, and evaluate bills accumulated during the diagnosis and treatment of each patient. Along with maintaining records of all processes, these processes can be complicated and are very error prone for your staff.
    Our bots can accurately calculate the bill amount considering the costs for tests, medicines, wardroom, food, and doctor fees.

  • Streamlines

    According to statistics, almost 91.2% or 294.6 million Americans have health insurance coverage. Managing insurance claims involves processes like data input, processing, evaluation, and dealing with appeals. The entire procedure, if handled manually or using a generic software, can prove to be inefficient and error-prone, and possibly effect cash flow.
    Leveraging digital robotics & automation in can streamline the process of managing insurance claims.

  • Audit

    The auditing procedure involves multiple tasks for risk assessment. Such processes and their results need to be recorded to generate reports. These reports are sent to concerned parties for verification and approval. Collecting and evaluating multiple reports from different auditing tasks and collaborating with several concerned parties can be tedious. Also, errors in these reports can result in non-compliance of regulations.
    Audit procedures can be easily optimized by utilizing our bots. They can record data, generate reports during audits, & automatically share with concerned parties for evaluation and approval.

  • Scheduling

    Our bots can streamline online scheduling. Factors received via the appointment request, like diagnosis, location, insurance carrier, personal preferences, etc., can be gathered in a report, and forwarded to a referral management representative who actually makes the appointment.
    Everybody benefits, an easier job for the call center personnel, less mistakes, more satisfied customers, and more evenly distributed appointments across doctors’ working time.



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